We have performed weddings in the St. Louis area for over 25 years and would be honored to perform your ceremony


Why is it so IMPORTANT to choose the RIGHT Person to Officiate YOUR Ceremony?

  Personality and chemistry matter more with the officiate than any other wedding professional.   You want someone who relates well to you,  someone authoritative and proper, down to earth and outgoing . We are able to convey to your friends and family the feelings and excitement that you are honored to share on this day!    

  Two essential factors to consider are professional qualifications and experience. Officiating weddings is more than reciting words and making pronouncements,  Weddings are about people.  Experience and professional training in dealing with a variety of people -- couples, families, future in-laws, friends -- particularly at a time of such heightened feelings as at your wedding.

  It is essential to your wedding's success that these moments are positive and the demands  necessitate a special pastoral sensitivity and intuition which we bring to your ceremony.

Should you ever have any questions or should you need us for anything whatsoever, we are just a phone call or text away. You're welcome!  314-781-0444